Matters of the Home Foundation, inc.
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M.O.T.H. Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 351915
Los Angeles, CA. 90035

Toll free:
(323) 842-5376


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About Us

The MOTH Foundation is a newly founded non-profit organization committed to promoting safe and strong families free of violence. The organization was recently launched in October 2015. We assist victims and families of domestic violence by offering counseling, education, One on One therapy, family therapy, group counseling, domestic violence groups, prevention, batterers program, intervention, and substance and alcohol abuse counseling. Some of the most highly trained and skilled professionals in psychology, the medical field, mental health, social workers, law enforcement, local universities, and addiction counselors have joined forces with The MOTH agency in an effort to improve and promote safety within the communities in which we live and to bring an end to domestic violence.

The MOTH Foundation also attends and conducts regular fairs on awareness and prevention of domestic violence at schools, health and wellness fairs, local libraries, universities, churches, and businesses.

The MOTH Agency offers classes and information to individuals and families on child abuse and domestic violence and the abused becoming the abuser. This is a vicious cycle that has been long studied and we offer preventative measures on how to end generational violence.   

Please feel free to explore more MOTH as you check out the website to become acquainted with us and our mission to wipe out domestic violence.

About Fannie Robinson

profileIn the photo to the left is the founder and director of The MOTH Foundation, Fannie Robinson. Ms. Robinson is not only the founder of this wonderful foundation; she is also a domestic violence survivor. In an effort to offer help and assistance to those who may feel that there is no hope for their situation, the MOTH Foundation and its highly skilled and trained staff will be readily available to anyone seeking help and protection from a dangerous environment involving domestic violence.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I am now able to be a voice for others who may have lost their will to continue or who may feel that all hope is gone. I know this because it was once me; I have lived this. I remember having a revelation one day; thinking of my children, myself and our future. I thought, “I am in a dark place and this is not living.” I knew I had everything to gain and nothing to lose by attempting to free myself from this situation.” Within the circle of our stature and authority come many people, gifts, talents, control, and opportunities. What we do with what we are given is a replication of who we are and how commendable we are to be relied upon and given more.

We can exhaust the possibilities of these gifts or individuals, or we can abuse them. We have learned and we know that abuse comes in many different forms. It may be as violent as a raging sea or it may be as silent as benevolent neglect or relinquishment of a trust. Abuse can be perversion, but it can also be ongoing decrease or ungratefulness of human value, like drops of water wearing down a rock. Abuse and cruelty may impose pain or deprive one’s own identity or even self-worth; the end result may be visible scars on the skin or internal pain such as welts on the heart. The results of such may be superficial, the response to a careless comment, or it may be a lifetime wound resulting from a neglected or mismanaged trust. Abuse requires an abuser and an abused, and therefore produces two victims. But in my revelation, I found that healing comes from God. He heals spiritually and physically through forgiveness and a new way of living. And believe me, this process will NOT be the same for everyone; this is just my story; my journey. The abuser can change, becoming truly changed by God’s Power, Love, and His Spirit. The abused, through Christ, can forgive the abuser and find true healing. This allows the abused to break the cycle of abuse, which can become multigenerational.

What I just rendered is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Silent Cry. This book will take readers on the journey of living in fear in domestic violence, breaking from the grips of domestic violence, healing from the pain of domestic violence and on to freedom from domestic violence.